Labour Licence No. : 60109     Phils. POEA Accreditation No. : 104892

Indonesia Business Accreditation No. : 03-B-XXI/2019-I


Company Profile

Pacific Garden Employment Agency is a well known leading employment agency in Hong Kong which was established in 1988. We have more than 25 years of domestic helper deployment experiences.

Pacific Garden Employment Agency has offically accredited by Hong Kong Labour Department / Indonesian Consulate / Philippine Consulate / Thailand Consulate etc.

We are also a member of Asosiasi PPTKI Hong Kong Limited and General Chamber of Hong Kong Manpower Agencies Limited.

Most employment agencies use public training centres but we have our own training centre in Philippine to make sure that our helpers are explusively well-trained. The helper is informed and aware of the environment of the employer during training so that we can organize a training program that suits the best.

We send specialists to Philippines and Indonesia to carefully choose qualified domestic helpers to serve you.

We understand the importance to hire a helpful, skilled and caring domestic helper in your family, thus we make sure all domestic helpers are well-trained. Tailor Made Training Programme will be designed for each family such as "Cooking", "Household Chores", "Elderly Care", " Baby Sitting" and "Child Care " etc. Our training centre in Indonesia provides language training such as Cantonese, Mandarin and English for helpers to make sure they can learn efficiently. All training courses are under strict supervision by our professional instructors. The performances of the maids can be reported to the employer at any time. We believe communication between maids and employers is essential and hence we make sure the employer can call the maid at any time.

If necessary, additional training can be provided after their arrival in order to achieve absolutely guarantee of quality domestic helpers.

In addition, the company's staff are professional  and have extensive work experience. If you encounter any problems or need, please contact us and we will give you our best helping hand.