Application Requirements

1.      Hong Kong Resident

-          With Hong Kong Identity Card or

       passport holder with HK employment contract / permission


2.      Income Proof (either one of the following)

-          With annual income HK$180,000 or monthly income HK$15,000

-          Last 3 months bank fixed or saving deposit with HK$350,000 or above


* The combination from a couple or with other family members is accepted, only marriage certificate or birth certificate is required for relationship evidence.

* If 2 helpers are hired, financial supporting requirement should be doubled, and so forth.


3.      Address Proof

-          Bill issued by any public enterprises, e.g. demand for rates / water / electricity bill / gas / residential telephone service

-          For Public Housing Estates, tenancy agreement, letter from Housing Department and Permission to stay for a helper are required.

-          Bill under employer’s spouse name or other family members’ are accepted with relationship evidence.


4.      Other family members information


5.      Previous / Existing domestic helper(s) information